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Firewood Print
We offer a wide range of products, affordable costs and high-quality of storage, logging and drying of firewood.

Volumes of firewood supplying are from 0,5m3 to 1000м3 and more.

Prices on firewood remain unchangeable after the agreement of the sum!

We offer firewood for the chamber drying, firewood for the stoves, firewood for the fire-places, for the kebab houses, barbecue, also firewood for the bath-houses and water pipes.

We offer birch firewood, oak, alder firewood, fir-trees, chopped firewood (in a stove, for the bath-house), firewood of natural humidity, fine firewood of coniferous breeds for a kindling, with delivery in Riga and other districts.

We can offer you both dry firewood and natural humidity. Firewood can be packed in a net, box or delivered as a “drum”.

Shortly about properties of different firewood

The most widespread firewood is birch firewood. They flame up easily, burn with long even flame. A heat from a stove, which is drowned with birch firewood disinfects a bath-house, filling with its light sweet aroma. However birch firewood becomes less fragrant after two years of storage. In addition, in the process of wrong dosage of air in a stove, when firewood burns smoky, tar and birch resin sublimate together with smoke.
Tar settles on the walls of pipe quite abundantly, and sometimes flows downward, if a pipe is thin-walled and cools down easily. Plenty of tar on the walls of pipe is fire dangerous.

Alder firewood burns hot and almost does not smoke. Bath-house, which is drowned by alder firewood possesses a anti-catarrhal action, and a dry alder firewood bath-house will do you cheerful and energetic. Alder firewood dries out quickly and keeps the special smell for a long time. Even after several years they carry the specific aroma.

It is difficult enough to kindle aspen firewood. If to underlay aspen in the kindled stove it will burn hot enough and keeps a heat long enough. Burning aspen firewood cleans out a flue.

Pine-tree and fir-tree are the most widespread from coniferous breeds. Pine-tree burns hotter than fir-tree because of the greater content of resin. You should remember that sharp increase of the temperature in the burning tarred firewood can cause the burst of resin cavities. These are little cavities in the wood where resin is accumulated.
Thus there is a characteristic crack and sparks fly away in all sides, including the unclosed stove door. When you underlay firewood or mix it with a poker, it is better to put on glasses which will protect your eyes. And when the stove door was closed, look attentively at the floor near a stove whether a spark did not fly somewhere. It is evidently that firewood is not such simple thing. In the countries, as a rule, there is stock of firewood for a few years and it is renewed annually.