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Fuel or woody pellets are the pressed cylinders of the diameter of 4-10 mm, with lenght 2-5 cm, processed from the dried up tailings of wastes of wood processing production: timber sawdust, flakes, bark, branch stub, branches and etc. The content of energy of one kilogram of timber blocks corresponds to 0,5 litre of liquid fuel. Except for an economic effect, the use of pellet advantages to the decline of the harmful emissions in an atmosphere.

Pine pellets in stock


Premium class pellets 6mm in 15kg bags (ash <0,5%) - 122,88 EUR per tonn*

Premium class pellets 8mm in 16kg bags (ash <0,5%) - 152 EUR per tonn*

*price not include the taxes

Advantages of woody pellets

  • Pellets are made without the use of bounding chemical.
  • Pellets excel even stone coal on the thermal properties (the warmth of incineration is equal to 5 kWh/kg.), and its ecological indexes are out of the competition.
  • High economy of this type of fuel: At incineration of 1 tone of pellets emit as much thermal energy as at incineration: of 1600 kg of natural wood, 475 m3 of gas, 500l of diesel fuel, and 685l of black oil fuel.

At pellets incineration in the special caldrons the efficiency amounts up to 94%, here the amount of ash does not exceed 1% from the general volume of the used pellets. Appearing ashy tailings can be used as an excellent fertilizer for soil. At the storage woody pellets do not self-ignite at the increase of temperature, as do not contain the hidden pores. They are not explosive, unlike gas, diesel fuel and etc. They do not have a smell, unlike the standard types of fuel (gas, diesel fuel and etc). They do not absorb moisture from air, therefore their high calorific output does not go down in the course of time. Consequently, the special depository’s equipment for pellets is not required. They are easily surrender automation due to good friability that makes them more suitable in the use in a private sector; pellets can be kept in a direct closeness from dwellings apartments. As woody pellets are the pressed pellets, possessing high bulk mass, they take less space at transporting and storage, than other types of woody fuel. Pellets are suitable for transporting on large distances and allow to automatize boiler rooms which work on them. At pellets incineration in the special caldrons it is not needed to delete an ash daily and add a fuel, in such case the dust, soot or dirt is practically not seen. The warm from pellet incineration as secondary from wood is perceived as more pleasant, than from gas or diesel oil incineration. Woody pellets do not contain a dust and spores, causing an allergy for people.

Distinguish 2 types of pellets. It is pellets for heating of dwelling-houses which name from the special whiteness. This high-quality type of pellets is for sale at more high prices, than pellets for large boiler rooms - industrial pellets, which, as a rule, greater diameter. Industrial pellets do not have such white color because of the presence of the high content of bark, as granules for dwellings apartments. Correlation of the consumption of pellets for the private heating and the industrial systems is approximately 1:10. Only a small part of all produced woody pellets in the world is for sale through the network retail sales.

Pellets (packing: 20 kg, 25 kg, Big Bag)