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RUF woody fuel blocks are pressed under high pressure from a birch dust, waste, which is got from the production of plywood. Blocks are a modern economical high-efficiency environmentally clean type of fuel. Fuel blocks are suitable for heating, both in the personal economies and in the boiler rooms. Fuel blocks can be used in heating stoves and caldrons, intended for incineration of solid fuel.


The warmth of blocks incineration is near to stone coal

For comparison:

  • firewood of 2500 Kkal/кg
  • blocks of 4500 Kkal/кg
  •  stone coal of 4800 Kkal/кg

Absence of wastes after incineration

For comparison:

  • stone coal – 30% of ash-content after incineration
  • blocks – 0,5 % of ash-content after incineration

Practical absence of smoke and harmful excretions

For comparison - there is an excretion of СО2 at blocks burning

  • 10 times less than natural gas
  • 50 times less than stone coal

High heating value

For comparison:

  • Blocks ~5 kWh/kg
  • Firewood ~1,3 kWh/kg

It means that 1 cum (~1 ton) of blocks, burning emits as much heat as 5 cum of air dried out, firewood chopped for heating. In addition, firewood has remaining humidity more than 25%, while blocks approximately 8%. If fresh firewood (of humidity more than 50 %) were brought to you it will mean that half of load is simply ordinary water.


Long time of burning

Fuel blocks possess of high burning duration (40 minutes) and smoldering (to 200 minutes). In comparison with the ordinary firewood, the laying in the stove is possible to make in 2-3 times rarer.


Basic indexes

  • Block size is 155х105х65 millimeters
  • Block weight is 0,775 kg
  • Heating capacity — (17,9–19,5) mj/кg
  • Humidity — no more than 8,7%
  • Ash-content — no more than 1%